Christmas in Serbia

Choose the right prepositions.

Christmas is not celebrated Serbia December. According the commandments the Orthodox Church, you have to fast 40 days Epiphany. You may not eat any meat or dairy products. Therefore, you should not eat any sweets, either. 6th January, the day the Three Wise Men, children go house house and sing Christmas songs and get sweets, nuts and other fruits for that. If you have an icon home, you light a candle in front it. Apart from that, people also light a fire outside. Of course, you should roast pork to have the traditional meal 7 January, when nobody fasts any more. So, this is actually the day people celebrate Serbia: You go to mass 4 a.m. After mass you go home and have breakfast. You find three candles the table: one sticks in the pork, one in corn and the third in a loaf of bread. All family members take the loaf of bread and break it together. One is going to have a lot luck that year. It is the one that find a coin in his piece bread.