Christmas Traditions

Choose the most appropriate preposition for each gap.
   After      before      for      From      in      into      of      on      On      with   
We celebrate Christmas 25th December. One week my father goes the market to buy a Christmas tree. When he comes home, my little sister and I decorate the tree coloured glass balls, electric lights and a Christmas star top the tree. 24th December my mother bakes six breads, one each of us: my little sister, my elder sister and her husband, my dad, herself and me. There is a euro in one the breads. The person, who gets the euro, has luck in the next year. Last year I got it.
25th December we eat turkey and Aramaic specialities. dinner we go the living room drink coffee or hot chocolate, take pictures and everybody opens his presents. 6 o’clock onwards there are a lot people around because all family members who live Vienna visit us.