expressing one's opinion

Choose the most appropriate expression for each gap.
   been      copy      discussed      lost      opened      pay      promote      taken      tell      think      use   
Regarding the case you recently against Starbucks I would like to you my point of view. As we your case against Starbucks in class lately, I know the most important facts and could form my own opinion.
First of all, I don’t it was a good idea to the name and the logo of Starbucks. Of course, Starbucks is a well-known and famous company, but this was not the case in Shanghai when you your first outlet in 1999. At that time Starbucks had some outlets in Beijing, but none in Shanghai. So, Starbucks was relatively unknown in Shanghai. You could have advantage of this by establishing your own company with a unique name. If Starbucks had their first outlet in November 2000, you would probably have already a famous and well known company and coffee seller. You would have a very dangerous competitor for Starbucks. Instead, you more or less everything. You can neither your logo nor your original name “Xingbake”. Furthermore, you also have to high compensation. Apart from that, you will have to create your own logo and name, your unique products, for which you will need much money.