Put each verb in the correct form. Mind your spelling.
My name is Jane. I was (bear) in Vienna on 16 October 1989. Since 1999 I have been (live) with my dad and his wife in a detached house with a big garden in Trautmannsdorf an der Leitha.
We have two dogs, they are (call) Sigi and Camillo. I also have a little sister. Her name is Natalie. She is ten years old and (live) with my mother in Vienna.
My stepmother is pregnant. Her baby is (come) ina few weeks. The baby is a girl, and her name is Caroline, and I will (be) her godmother.
Since last week I have had the driving licence for a motorbike, but I have to wait to use one until I am sixteen. So, I still have to get up early in the morning to go to my school, which is in Vienna, by train.
My favourite subject is German.In my free time I love (go) to cinema with friends, (swim), (shop) at Donauzentrum or (go) to a party.