Add the missing prepositions.
My name is Paula. I’m 17 years old girl. My birthday is February 14th.
My family and I live a flat the twenty-second district.I am a student at a commercial school in Polgarstraße, which is also the twenty-second district. So, it isn’t very far my home.
It takes me just around twenty minutes to get school. My favourite subjects are Computer Science, English, Accountancy and PE.
The subjects I like the least are Geography and History. After graduation I would like to work in an office.
I spend most my free time outside because I like nature and fresh air a lot. In summer I often take my dog a walk.My hobbies are swimming, riding a bike and a horse, tennis and snowboarding.
What I don’t like all is jogging. I often go out friends the weekend.
We sometimes go to the cinema, downtown or to a disco.
Sometimes I chat with friends the phone or the internet, and I usually listen music my room, which is quite big and I see movies my television, too.
I like Italian and Greek food, but I don’t like meat such as pork and turkey.