Add the missing prepositions.
My name is Marcy. I live my parents and my two brothers Aspern the 22nd district. My brothers’ names are Florian and Patrick. Florian is my twin brother, Patrick is my step-brother.
First I went elementary school Aspern. Then I went a grammar school called Bernoulli four years. Now I go Stadlau.
I was born 15 June. So, I’m a gemini. I have long blond hair and blue eyes. I’m 1.64 m tall, my weight is not important.
My hobbies are playing handball, painting, swimming, listening music and going out friends.
Whenever I have some time the evening watching TV, I watch series such as Lost, Friends, O.C. California, er and Autopsy. I also like horror films and thrillers. My favourite movie is Secret Window, I like Johnny Depp a lot. He is such a nice guy and very handsome. I also like comedies like How to lose a guy - in 10 days. It`s so funny.
In fact, I eat everything, but I love Chinese food and strawberry dumplings.
I think I’m a very nice and sociable person, but sometimes I like to be my own. If I’m a quiet place, I can think about some things. I also have bad qualities like everybody else: I’m a very sensitive person, and sometimes I can be a bit aggressive.